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Lake George has so much to offer, and we want you to know about it!  Below are a couple links that have pretty much everything you need to know about LG including a free app for your smart phone.  But if you prefer to get the info you want quick, choose a more direct link to get the info you need, faster.

COZY NOOK is excited to announce that it now offers discounted tickets for the Great Escape.  See below

Most recent pricing:

  One Day Ticket- $61.99+tax
  Gold Season Pass- $179.99 +tax
  Parking Pass- $25.00 +tax
  Average Cost of Meal- $20.00 +tax

Cozy Nook discounts

  One Day Ticket- $42.00+tax
  Gold Season Pass- $66.99 +tax
  Parking Pass- $15.00 +tax
  Meal Voucher- $14.00 +tax

Due to COVID and park closure in 2020 we will update prices once available in spring of 2021.

Link to our website-
Click on promo codes in the upper right hand corner.  Click and type in cozynook to apply the discounts.   

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